Bonarda Wine

Vistalba 2010 Corte B - Bordeaux Blends Red Wine

Red Wine by Vistalba from Argentina South America. The Corte B displays intense burgundy color at the edges of the glass and blackish color in the center. On the nose a harmonious blend of three varietals (Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon 12% Bonarda). Balsamic notes. Sweet on the entry and broad rather than long. Velvety tannins and Fruity Finish with reminiscences of blackberries ---

New Age Red - Red Wine

Red Wine by New Age from Argentina South America. An exciting Red Blend possessing the juicy freshness of just picked cherries and raspberries on the palate. The aromas of roses and violets round out the nose. Grape Varieties: 70% Bonarda and 30% Malbec

Don Miguel Gascon 2013 Colosal Red Blend - Red Wine

Red Wine by Don Miguel Gascon from Argentina South America. Don Miguel Gascon Colosal Red Blend showcases the deeper richer side of Bodegas Escorihuela Gasc n. This full bodied blend is Malbec based with layers of Bonarda Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to add complexity and rounder tannins. Distinctive flavors of blackberry Ripe Plum and Dark Cherry meld with hints of oak chocolate and mint to create a wine that could only be called Colosal. Blend: 61% Malbec 16% Bonarda 13% Syrah 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Lamadrid 2013 Bonarda Reserva - Red Wine

Red Wine by Lamadrid from Argentina South America. Bright Red Color with blue hints. In the mouth it is unctuous full of Red Fruit jam which can also be perceived in the nose. Blend: 100% Bonarda

Trivento 2014 Amado Sur - Red Wine

Red Wine by Trivento from Argentina South America. Amado Sur is a Deep Red wine with Violet Hues. Aromas of strawberries and Red Cherries intertwine with hints of clove and vanilla. Lush Red Berry flavor gives way to Velvety Tannins and a pleasant Persistent Finish. Blend: 79% Malbec 11% Bonarda and 10% Syrah ---

Alamos 2015 Malbec Mendoza Seleccion - Red Wine

Red Wine by Alamos from Argentina South America. A classically Argentine wine Alamos Malbec blends the country's signature variety Malbec and its hypnotic aromas of violets and deep full flavors of plum with small portions of Syrah and Bonarda to add Dark Cherry and Blackberry Flavors. Deft oak usage adds layers of complexity with smoothly integrated tones of spice and vanilla. The full firm structure and Balanced Tannins create a rich mouthfeel and expansive finish and an entirely unforgettable wine ---

Altos las Hormigas 2015 Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda - Red Wine

Red Wine by Altos las Hormigas from Argentina South America. This wine shows the other side of argentine Bonarda. Showing a typical bright Ruby Color but in the nose and palate it has very differential notes. Spicy aromas with lots of fresh Red Fruit notes especially cherries. It has a Balanced Acidity that makes it fresh and juicy in the mouth where the Red Fruits become crispy. The Fine Tannins provide a long and Pleasant Finish ---

Maipe 2015 Reserve Bonarda - Red Wine

Red Wine by Maipe from Argentina South America. Maipe was the Lord of the Winds for the ancient Andean Indians. He is still called upon to clear the skies after heavy rain or to temper the summer heat. This purple colored Bonarda offers a fruity Beaujolais like nose featuring plums and mulberries. A smooth complex wine with intense savory Fruit Flavors great length and elegance ---

Bodegas Renacer 2015 Milamore - Red Wine

Red Wine by Bodegas Renacer from Argentina South America. This exciting innovative wine is produced under the watchful eye of Alberto Antonini one of the top winemakers in the world from a blend of Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon Bonarda and Cabernet Franc uniquely dried and vinified in the true Amarone style. The thin dry High Altitude air of the Mendoza region makes for optimal drying conditions yielding perfectly dried rich and lush grapes ---

Vistalba 2015 Corte B - Bordeaux Blends Red Wine

Red Wine by Vistalba from Argentina South America. Intense Bordeaux color with brilliant Violet Hues. Fresh prunes aromas dry figs and blackberries. Barrel aromas such as tobacco vanilla and cedarwood. Sweet and Velvety Tannins. Great volume and body. Cacao Dark Chocolate and subtle coffee notes can be found on its long lasting finish. Pairs perfectly with stews meat hard cheese Grilled Meat casseroles pasta pizza Spicy Dishes and desserts. Blend: 81% Malbec 11% Cabernet Sauvignon 8% Bonarda

Crios de Susana Balbo 2015 Red Blend - Red Wine

Red Wine by Crios de Susana Balbo from Argentina South America. This wine has a deep Ruby Color with bluish hues. Intense and complex nose where the Typical Aromas of each variety are nicely combined to show their best expression: Black Plums coming from Malbec Fresh Cherries and raspberries from Bonarda ripe Black Fruits from the Tannat slightly mixed with Spicy Notes of Black Pepper and clove from Syrah. Juicy it expands and intensifies in the mouth gaining density and complexity as it is savored. It finishes with smooth lush tannins and good length ---

Alamos 2016 Red Blend - Red Wine

Red Wine by Alamos from Argentina South America. Made primarily from Malbec (Argentina's signature red grape) Bonarda (Argentina's second most widely planted red grape) and Tempranillo the Alamos Red Blend displays deep Ripe Flavors of blackberry and plum with layers of Brown Spice. The Alamos vineyards of Mendoza Argentina lie in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Alamos wines are born of the intense mountain sunlight and pure snowmelt water of the Andes and embody the richness of this rugged remote region. Cultivated by the Catena family for over 100 years Mendoza's vineyards are among the highest in the world ---

Tercos 2017 Bonarda - Red Wine

Red Wine by Tercos from Argentina South America. Bonarda is the second most planted grape variety in Argentina (after Malbec) and is thought to be the same grape as the Italian Charbono. The grape originally hails from Piedmont and was brought to Argentina by immigrants. These grapes are grown on the Tupungato mountainside one of the highest elevations in the Andes where the days are warm and the nights cool. This Bonarda is unoaked vibrant and full of fresh Red Fruits ---

El Enemigo 2014 Bonarda - Red Wine

Red Wine by El Enemigo from Argentina South America. This Bonarda shows a deep Violet Color with bluish reflections. The nose is intense and complex. Intense aromas of ripe Black Fruit blackberries raspberries Black Cherries chocolate and liquor with some Spicy Notes of Fresh Herbs provided by the Cabernet Franc appear. The taste has a sweet impact with Silky Tannins and aromas of Ripe Black and Red Fruits with notes of licorice and vanilla. Its Natural Acidity is refreshing. By its concentration and complexity the finish is long and persistent. Enjoy this wine alongside roast lamb empanadas and light pastas dishes ---