Dessert Wine

Hidalgo Alameda Cream Sherry (500ML) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Hidalgo from Spain. A rich blend of Faraon Oloroso and sweet Triana Pedro Ximenez matured in a Solera System for a minimum of 8 years to create a rich sweet Well Balanced wine. Flattering date candied ginger steeped golden raisin and prune eau de vie notes meld together here carrying through the sweet edged and slightly heady finish. A hint of walnut hull peeks in at the very end. Blend: 85% Palomino 25% Pedro Ximenez

Pacific Rim Frambroise (375ML) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Pacific Rim from Washington. The raspberries for our Framboise are from bucolic Mount Vernon Washington. With majestic Mount Baker in the distance our raspberries are sourced for Pacific Rim from Mike and Jean's Berry Farm. The clone or variety of the raspberry is grown exclusively for Pacific Rim Framboise Called the Morrison variety the raspberry is exceptional due to its low bitterness and abundant flavors. Framboise is incomparable on its own or as a complement to any dessert. The bright Raspberry Flavors dance on your palate and serve as either a wondrous liquid dessert or complement to your favorite treat. We strongly recommend that you explore with Framboise savor on its own pour liberally over your favorite dessert (chocolate cake and cheesecake respond quite favorably) or mix into your preferred beverage (Framboise enhances all manner of cocktails). You can even use Framboise as a filling ingredient in your most excessive dessert recipes ---

Warre's Warrior Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Warre's from Portugal. Deep Red Color with intensely Rich Aromas of ripe Red Fruits and spices. On the palate Well Balanced and full bodied with a long and complex finish. Superb with cheese nuts or Dried Fruit after a meal ---

Warre's Otima 10 Year Tawny (500ML) - Port Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Warre's from Portugal. The latest addition to the range of fine ports from Warres Otima is an aged 10 year Old Tawny especially suitable for those with a preference for the lighter style of Port. Its delicate palate challenges the traditional perception of Port as a dark and full bodied after dinner drink. Otima is a Premium Quality Port from a renowned Port house and brings a lighter more contemporary style to reflect today's lifestyle a contemporary quality drink versatile enough to be enjoyed anytime ---

Neige Premiere Ice Cider (375ML half-bottle) - Fruit Wine Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Neige from Canada. Neige (which means snow) is made from apples harvested in the fall and pressed at Christmas time. Their juice is then kept outside in the freezing winter cold in order to naturally separate the sugar from the water through the process known as cryo concentration. This is the way we then obtain our precious syrup which we let slowly ferment over a period of 6 to 7 months. The color is a Golden Yellow with light reflections. On the nose it is pure and clean the aroma of Freshly Picked Ripe Apple with striking intensity. On the palate it's a crisp flavorful attack. A Perfect Balance of sugar and acidity. Perfect as an aperitif or to accompany sharp cheese (Cheddar or goat) or veined cheese (blue) and desserts. Serve chilled ---

Chateau d'Yquem 2005 Sauternes (375ML half-bottle) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Chateau d'Yquem from Sauternes and Barsac France Bordeaux. Lovely brilliant golden Yellow Color. Concentrated nose of apricot compote Dried Fruit and figs with vanilla and floral (jasmine and acacia blossom) aromas. The bouquet opens up after swirling in the glass to reveal extremely Fresh Citrus zest overtones that emphasize the wine's subtle refinement. 2005 Yquem starts out deliciously suave and caressing on the palate with Perfect Balance. The Fresh Acidity and elegance complement the wine's restrained power giving it incredible class. There are strong flavors of gingerbread orange nonette cakes and licorice followed by a gorgeous acid tang that underpins the wine's beautiful long aftertaste on a par with the chateau's most illustrious vintages. The tremendously varied and Complex Flavors all seem to vibrate on the same wavelength melting into a subtle whole ---

Caposaldo Prosecco - Champagne & Sparkling

Non Vintage by Caposaldo from Veneto Italy. The color is Pale Straw with greenish undertonesThe aroma is fruity with citrus Green Apple and Acacia Flowers. On the palate is a fine and persistent perlage which creates a soft round Mouth Feel. Pleasant acidity freshness and full bodied flavor finish make this a a versatile wine excellent for an aperitivo appetizers or throughout dinner. Pair with light cheeses Cured Meats antipasti fish (raw/cooked) fried foods light fleshed meats light pastas and desserts ---

Ficklin Tinta Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Ficklin from California. Ficklin is the first and only Port wine made in the United States entirely from the four true Portuguese Grape Varieties. These celebrated Port grapes have been selected to produce our rare Ficklin Tinta Port: Tinta Madeira for its fruity almost spicy quality; Tinta Cao for its soft delicate flavor; the aromatic Souzao for its beautiful color; and the Touriga for its rich full flavor. The grapes reach their perfection in our varietal vineyards under the favorable climatic conditions of southern Madera County. Through selection of perfect clusters the making of wines in small lots the aging for several years in small Oak Casks and the final aging in bottles each bottle has received our personal care ---

Hardys Whiskers Blake Tawny Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Hardys from Australia. Whiskers The Man: Whiskers Blake was a roguish little bloke who worked in Hardys Tintara vineyard around the turnof the century. His job was scaring birds from the grapes with an old 8 gauge shotgun. He also took it upon himself to regularly test the products. Rich tawny color with olive hues. The nose is reminiscent of chocolate with coffee overtones. The palate is smooth and mellow with good length and a Dry Finish. Classic rancio characters are also evident in this flavorsome wine ---

Dow's 40 Year Old Tawny Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Dow's from Portugal. Dow's Forty Years Old Tawny is madeexclusively from grapes sourced at Aclassified vineyards (the highest) whichinclude Dow's Quinta do Bomfim and Quintada Senhora da Ribeira two of the very bestvineyards in the Douro valley. This enviableposition is reflected in the excellent quality andconsistency of the style evident in Dow's 40 Year Old Tawny. DOW'S This Forty Year Old Port is a wine of great rarity and quality. Forty years ofcareful ageing in Oak Casks have brought this wine to Perfect Balance. Thiswine represents the pinnacle of the Port blender's art. Fine amber and tawnycolour. Complex aromas of nuts raisins and vanilla explode from the glass. On the palate hot with predominantly flavours of Dried Fruits and walnuts withgood acidity and an exquisite Long Finish ---

Terra d'Oro Zinfandel Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Terra d'Oro from California. While some people say any port in a storm we strongly suggest ours. Montevina Terra d'Oro Zinfandel Port displays aromas of raisined Berry Fruit sugared dates chocolate caramel and Orange Peel. The wine's rich lush grapy flavors also evoke raisin cocoa coffee and toffee. This delicious fortified wine is perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to chocolate chocolate chocolate. don't like chocolate? Try it with Stilton cheese and toasted walnuts ---

Ramos Pinto 20 Year Tawny Quinta do Bom Retiro - Port Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Ramos Pinto from Portugal. This wine has a tawny color with a yellow halo that signifies an advanced stage of maturity. This is the genuine color of a 20 year old cask aged wine. It has a warm Red Color with a slight orange tone at the bottom of the glass. There is a lively aroma with a Velvety Texture. The aromas include those of fruit (grapefruit apricot almond hazelnut and cocoa bean); wood (vanilla old Port wine casks and phenol) roasted aromas such as cinnamon caramel and coffee; and ethereal aromas of stearin and iodine. Smooth and dry in the mouth the wine is complemented by a rich and generous persistence of flavor. It has a fine and delicious attack. The elegance of the first contact with the palate is maintained through a complex sequence of ripe and Dried Fruits and nuts in a fresh and licorice like harmony ---

El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez Sherry (375ML) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by El Maestro Sierra from Spain. This Pedro Ximenez is aged for 15 years in the solera system. A great nose of Exotic Spices and almost Red Fruits combine with more classic caramel overtones. With Great Acidity the wine is light on its feet and almost refreshing ---

La Cigarrera Manzanilla Sherry (375ML) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by La Cigarrera from Spain. La Cigarrera Manzanilla is aged four years on the lees before being bottled. Vibrant and fresh with aromas of yeasts and salinity. The wine on the palate is rich and substantial with a Long Finish ---

Sandeman Fine Ruby Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Sandeman from Portugal. Descended from the fiery Ruby Porto wines originally shipped by George Sandeman in 1790 Sandeman Ruby Porto is still made traditionally to be rich and robust yet with a special depth of flavor and the finesse achieved by expertly blending wines from Sandeman's large and varied stock. Brilliant Red Ruby in color with clean aromas of Red Fruits plums and strawberries Sandeman Ruby Porto has full Rich Flavors and is very Well Balanced. Traditionally matched with full flavored and Creamy Cheeses Sandeman Ruby Porto combines well with Chocolate Desserts strawberries or berries and fruit pies. This wine does not require decanting. Serve in a large glass. Can be served Slightly Chilled or with a splash of soda also as a hot Porto (served at round 50 C). Once open Sandeman Ruby can remain fresh for up to 4 weeks ---

Sandeman 30 Year Old Tawny - Port Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Sandeman from Portugal. Specially selected Portos are chosen for aging in wooden casks gradual exposure to air concentrates the flavors and matures the ruby colors to amber creating the rare and delicious Sandeman 30 Years Old Tawny. The ageing process intensifies the fruit creating the complex flavours characteristic of Tawny Porto a perfect ending to any meal and an inspiration for good conversation. Old gold amber colors with the Intense Aromas of honey and spices underscored with Deep Flavors of dried apricots hazelnuts and vanilla creating a rich yet elegant combination. Created to celebrate the bicentennial in 1990 Sandeman 30 Year Old Tawny is a tribute to the elegant complexity and liveliness of age. Perfect end to a meal. Blends with a good cigar and coffee. Once open Sandeman 30 Years Old Tawny can remain fresh for up to 4 8 weeks ---

RL Buller Victoria Tawny - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by RL Buller from Australia. Medium garnet tawny with orange red tints. Sweet scents with distinct tawny character. Sweet Fruit Flavors combined with developed porty characters. Hints of rancio. Well integrated spirit. Clean fresh finish. Enjoy with desserts like bittersweet Belgian chocolate figs chocolate mousse cake fine Mild Cheeses and Fresh Fruit pecan pie Dried Fruits and nuts ---

Dow's Trademark Finest Reserve Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Dow's from Portugal. Rich Ruby Color. On the nose packed with rich and concentrated strawberry fruit and hints of spices. On the palate full Fruit Flavors Well Balanced and with a long slightly Dry Finish that is the hallmark of all Dow's Ports. Dow's Trademark pairs wonderfully with rich nutty or Chocolate Desserts as well as Strong Cheeses. Port is best served in classic Port wine glassware or white wine glasses. Avoid cordial or liqueur glasses as they are too small to fully appreciate the wine's aromas ---

El Maestro Sierra Oloroso 1/14 Sherry (375ML) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by El Maestro Sierra from Spain. Wildly complex with aromas from Roasted Nuts to eastern spices. This is a liquid elixir that can rock anybody's world ---

El Maestro Sierra Amontillado 1830 Sherry (375ML) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by El Maestro Sierra from Spain. Wow this wine is ethereally light and profound. The same is true for the palate and with an interminable finish ---

Castello del Poggio Moscato Provincia di Pavia - Muscat White Wine

White Wine by Castello del Poggio from Piedmont Italy. Deep Straw Yellow color with golden reflections. Unmistakable bouquet that at first includes musk and peach and then honey and White Flower. Light with an agile and Elegant Structure but always compact with medium freshness and low minerality. It Pairs Perfectly with savory BBQ Spicy Dishes pasta salads guilt free desserts and a candid smile ---

Ramos Pinto 2000 Vintage Port - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Ramos Pinto from Portugal. An exceptional Dark Color with blue tones. It presents a complex ensemble of aromas that combines Red Fruit compote Ripe Plum andsmall berried fruits with notes of Dark Chocolate and pepper. Elegant and well structured on the palate extremely full bodied and full of Fruit Flavors a good concentration and Firm Tannins that will give it great aging potential. A seductive warm finish that is long lasting and velvety. Served after dinner it pairs well with cheeses from the Serra da Estrela region of Portugal Stilton Gorgonzola and other full fat cheeses. An ideal accompaniment to a strong cigar. Should be opened two hours before serving and decanted ---

Allure Bubbly Pink Moscato - Champagne & Sparkling

Non Vintage by Allure from California. Bright Pink Color indicates the wine will be very festive in nature. Apricot peach bergamot and mint flavors give our Pink Moscato a fresh and lively demeanor. The combination of bubbles and off dry balance enhance the refreshment enjoyed with each sip. This is a very easy wine to drink by itself. However its cheery nature suggests it is welcome at celebrations and where gatherings might include a variety of dishes. It should be on the table ready to serve throughout the meal including dessert ---

Schmitt Sohne Funf Sangria - Fruit Wine Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Schmitt Sohne from Mosel Saar Ruwer Germany. Funf Sangria bursts with Bright Flavors of citrus and ripe Summer Fruits. It's an easy to drink Medium Bodied wine with just the right amount of sweetness and Lush Flavors to suit any taste. Serve chilled or add ice and Fresh Fruit for a tropical experience. Perfect for picnics backyard parties or lazy afternoons by the pool ---