Garganega Wine

I Stefanini 2014 Monte de Toni Soave Classico - Garganega White Wine

White Wine by I Stefanini from Veneto Italy. Bright Straw Yellow color with Greenish Reflections. On the nose this 100% Garganega wine is intense revealing its mineral personality deriving from the volcanic Soave Classico soil together with Fruity Notes of Peach Apricot yellow plum and medlar. The mouth is firm full rich and Perfectly Balanced between freshness and smoothness. Long lasting sip with the typical Garganega almond aftertaste. Best served with first courses like pasta soup or risotto with fish and vegetables. Ideal also with shellfish and white Grilled Meat or with fresh and Medium Aged cheeses like Grana Padano and Taleggio ---

La Fiera 2015 Soave - Garganega White Wine

White Wine by La Fiera from Veneto Italy. Straw Yellow Color with Green Hues. This wine has Bright Fresh Fruit Aromas of pears and apples with Floral Aromas and mineral complexities on a bright clean palate. Blend: 80% Garganega 10% Trebbiano 10% Chardonnay

Bertani 2016 Sereole Soave - Garganega White Wine

White Wine by Bertani from Veneto Italy. Sereole is a Soave with a lively and unmistakeable personality. It is made exclusively with Garganega grapes the most elegant native White Grape from the Verona area grown in the Sereole vineyard a veritable cru on the hill between Soave and Monteforte d'Alpone. The slightly late harvest combined with fermentation of the must in large Oak Barrels adds freshness and richness of flavor which marry well with a light ageing in wood to give the wine plushness and complexity. Tasting notes: A Straw Yellow color with golden highlights; the Floral Bouquet has overtones of elderflower and pear developing into sweeter aromas of yellow fleshed fruits such as apricot pineapple and melon. Plush on the palate balanced with sapid notes that enhance the structure. Goes well with starters soups and White Meat ---

Gini 2016 Soave Classico - Garganega White Wine

White Wine by Gini from Veneto Italy. #69 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2017 Gini Soave Classico made from Garganega has a Straw Yellow color with gold Green Reflections. Intense and fragrant on the nose fresh White Flowers (hawthorn elder cherry blossoms) Tropical Fruit and White Peach. Almond notes with Mineral Flavors ---