Junmai Wine

TY KU Junmai Ginjo Sake (720ML) - Junmai-Ginjo Sake

Sake by TY KU from Other Japan. Rich and Silky Texture with hints of peach and Vanilla Notes. Enjoy this super premium sake chilled like a fine white wine. TYKU Junmai Ginjo Sake is crafted from a special blend of Yamada Nishiki and Akebono sake rice that is polished so only 55% of the grain remains a process which removes impurities and refines taste ---

TY KU Coconut Nigori Sake (720ML) - Junmai Sake

Sake by TY KU from Other Japan. Silky texture creamy taste with a subtle hint of vanilla and the refreshing flavor of coconut. TYKU Coconut Nigori Sake is crafted from Junmai sake and infused with the all natural flavor of coconut. Enjoy this Nigori sake chilled or in a delicous cocktail. Shake well before pouring ---

NORIA 2014 Sangiacomo Vineyard Chardonnay - White Wine

White Wine by NORIA from Sonoma County California. A type of Japanese sake called Junmai Ginjo is the model of NORIA Chardonnay. We try to make Chardonnay that is fresh and vibrant yet complex and rich ---