Muscat Wine

Quady Vya Sweet Vermouth - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Quady from California. Vya sweet vermouth is made from a sweet muscat base to which is added a rich selection of botanicals (herbs spices and dried citrus rind). It stimulates the palate with a multilayered explosion of tingling sensations warm flavors and an appetizing bitter sweetness. As an aperitif Vya sweet vermouth tastes delicious straight or with ice ---

Domaine Sainte Rose 2013 Coquille d'Oc Blanc - White Wine

White Wine by Domaine Sainte Rose from Languedoc Roussillon France regions. Fresh zingy Citrus Fruit flavours and wonderfully peachy aromatics combine with a surprisingly Rich Finish making this a perfect light lunchtime white. Blend: Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc Muscat and Viognier ---

Quinta Nova 2014 Pomares Moscatel - Muscat White Wine

White Wine by Quinta Nova from Portugal. With a citrine color this attractive and young wine presentsa strong muscat aroma with hints of citrines tropical fruitsand Fresh Herbs. It is creamy on the palate with a well integratedacidity strong flavor and very Long Finish ---

Barbadillo Laura Moscatel - Sherry Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Barbadillo from Spain. Light mahogany color with aromas of Muscat grapes dried apricots honey and Dried Fruit. The palate is unctuous and smooth. Lingering finish that reveals delicate traces of muscatel grapes ---

Yalumba Museum Reserve Muscat (375ML) - Dessert Wine

Dessert Fortified & Fruit Wine by Yalumba from Barossa Valley Australia. This wine was ranked #7 on the Wine Spectator's Top 10 Wines of 1998 The production of premium fortified wine has long been part of the history at Yalumba. Founder Samuel Smith first made port back in the 1860s and the South Australian Governor (1914 1920) Sir Henry L Galway selected his own personal pipes from the Yalumba bodega. Today Yalumba maintains its reputation for its premium quality fortified wines by occasionally releasing very small parcels of Show Reserve stocks. This old Muscat was sourced from the Rutherglen and other Northern traditional areas of Victoria then blended and stored in French oak puncheons in our marble cellars at Angaston for eight years. Made from the red and pink clones of the Muscat a petite grains grape variety this luscious dessert wine displays all the characteristics of this classic Australian wine style. Color: Deep tawny red. Bouquet: Classic Rose Petal and Orange Rind of the Muscat grape. Palate: Full luscious middle. Richly flavored reminiscent of raisined fruits nuts and spices. Sweet and soft yet unclaying finish. Incredible persistence of flavors ---

Gregory Graham 2014 Moscato del Fresco - Muscat White Wine

White Wine by Gregory Graham from North Coast California. As soon as the cap is opened the aromas of honeysuckle and Orange Blossoms fill the immediate area. The wine is big on flavors of tart apple with a lively texture that yields to the freshness and pleasure of a light Muscat dessert wine. Serve this wine lightly chilled with simple clean desserts like Ripe Peaches and cream or as an accompaniment to herbed Goat Cheese and almonds ---

Franciscan Estate 2015 Equilibrium - White Wine

White Wine by Franciscan Estate from Napa Valley California. Equilibrium ia a White Blend that is rich fun and a unique wine that's easy to enjoy. The name Equilibrium means to Come Together in a state of harmonious balance. With this in mind the winemakers crafted a unique expression of artisanal blending. Crisp mouthfeel showing bright Floral Notes along with refreshing pear and White Peach flavors Equilibrium is an ensemble of Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay and Muscat. The perception of sweetness enables it to Pair Beautifully with a range of foods from spicy barbeque to Thai and other Asian cuisines ---

Lunatic 2014 White Blend - White Wine

White Wine by Lunatic from California. This Gewurztraminer based blend begins with Exotic Fruits and fresh papaya with a touch of minerality. The essence of ripe mangos and star fruit continues on the front of the palate and then bursts wide open with the flavors of Blood Orange and kumquat filling your mouth with succulent juiciness. This wine will pair well with a variety of summertime dishes and sunny days. Blend: 36% Gewurztraminer 28% Muscat Canelli 25% Roussanne 11% Viognier ---

Jeff Cohn Cellars 2013 Impostor - Red Wine

Red Wine by Jeff Cohn Cellars from California. Black Cherry Raspberry coulis cassis and licorice with brambly notes are the star components in both the aromatics and flavors of this wine. The 2013 has a sense of finesse that carries this concentrated and layered wine across the palate creating a cascade of experiences that can only be attributed to the combination of varietals vineyards and growing locations. Blend: 45% Zinfandel 26% Syrah 9% Petite Sirah 8% Grenache 5% Carignan 3% Mourvedre 2% Alicante Bouschet 1% Black Muscat 1% Viognier

Hugel 2014 Riesling (375ML half-bottle) - White Wine

White Wine by Hugel from Alsace France regions. Young Pale Green color with dominant green nuances slightly yellow like lime tree leaves in the spring with a few silvery hints nicely bright and lively with delicate tears that run finely down theglass. The bouquet is fresh and lively crisp and clean pleasantly aromatic and fruity Green Apple lemongrass ginger White Peach fresh moss and blackcurrant with an agreeable touch ofmuscatel. This is an authentic expressive young Riesling. The wine is dry and fresh on the palate vivacious nicely taut and elegantly structured giving depth and persistence and a finish that positively encourages another sip. Despite its youth this wine's principal merit is its sincerity. It is clearly defined and ready to enjoy. Yet 2 or 3 more years in bottle would allow its elegant character and minerality to express itself as only a Riesling can. Enjoy it now for its energy and typicity or keep it for 3 to 5 years to discover its full bouquet and complexity. Pair with: An excellent aperitif. Or drink it with turbot sea perch monkfish lobster crayfish seafood pike perch pike salmon shellfish scollops and carpaccio of raw or marinated fish ---

Gramona 2015 Gessami Blanco Penedes - White Wine

White Wine by Gramona from Spain. Pale green with brilliant highlights. Great Aromatic Intensity reminiscent of a walk in the springtime. It evokes the cool fresh air a bunch of White Flowers jasmine and Orange Blossom. Aromas of chamomile tea and linden infusions. Apricots peaches a citrus breeze. All bound up in a very fragrant fresh halo. Pleasant on entry Light Bodied and silky on the palate. Fantastic freshness on the finish. The balance of its fruity and Floral Character is such that it shifts between delicate softness and structure smoothness and freshness. Blend: 40% Muscat de Frontignan 35% Sauvignon Blanc 25% Gewurztraminer

Bodega Colome 2016 Torrontes - White Wine

White Wine by Bodega Colome from Argentina South America. Torrontes is the signature white wine of Argentina dating from early vineyards first planted in the 1800s. DNA research has shown that the varietal is a cross between the Mission grapes of Galicia Spain and Muscat of Alexandria. This popular expression of Argentina is growing in acclaim around the world popular for a light refreshing wine with Muscat notes redolent of jasmine and Orange Blossoms. Excellent as an aperitif it also finds a welcome place with delicate first courses ---

SIP 2015 Moscato - Muscat White Wine

White Wine by SIP from California. Lush lively natural fresh Fruit Flavors of citrus peaches and tropicalfruits with a slight effervescence that finishes dry due to the naturalcrisp acidity. Blend: 50% Orange Muscat and 50% Muscat Canelli ---

Juve Y Camps 2014 Gregal d'Espiells - White Wine

White Wine by Juve Y Camps from Spain. Fresh and unctuous with a Well Balanced acidity and remarkable freshness. Notes of Tropical Fruit aniseed and Fresh Notes of jasmine Orange Blossom bitter herbs citrus and White Fruit. Delicately sweet with a long Fruity Finish. This wine has a beautiful clean bright Straw Yellow color with some golden tinges. Gregal d'Espiells is the prefect wine to pair with appetizers and Light Dishes. Blend of Gewurtztraminer Malvasia andMuscat ---

Juve Y Camps 2014 Gregal d'Espiells (1.5 Liter Magnum) - White Wine

White Wine by Juve Y Camps from Spain. Fresh and unctuous with a Well Balanced acidity and remarkable freshness. Notes of Tropical Fruit aniseed and Fresh Notes of jasmine Orange Blossom bitter herbs citrus and White Fruit. Delicately sweet with a long Fruity Finish. This wine has a beautiful clean bright Straw Yellow color with some golden tinges. Gregal d'Espiells is the prefect wine to pair with appetizers and Light Dishes. Blend of Gewurtztraminer Malvasia andMuscat ---

Menage a Trois 2015 White Blend - White Wine

White Wine by Menage a Trois from California. The 2015 Menage a Trois White is a trip to the islands without the worry of sunburn or bugs. It's undeniably fruity and unabashedly easy. It's meant to be quaffed not analyzed. The White blend brings together citrus and tropical Fruit Flavors with Crisp Acidity. Dare we say it's refreshing? With food or without alone or with two companions this is one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable. Blend: 47% Chardonnay 30% Muscat Alexandria 23% Chenin Blanc

Brassfield 2015 Serenity Reserve White Blend - White Wine

White Wine by Brassfield from North Coast California. The 2015 Serenity is inspired by the wines of Alsace It's a Californian version of a Grand Cru from that region. This wine is a blend of 65% Pinot Gris 19% Riesling and 16% Gewurztraminer; three of the four Noble Grapes of Alsace Muscat being the fourth. The nose displays poached pear and Baked Apples with hints of lime and Lemon Curd. Wonderful Floral Aromas lift the underpinning of Tropical Fruits and honeyed lychee. This wine has a Soft Texture with a mineral laden finish. Blend:65% Pinot Gris 19% Riesling 16% Gewurztraminer

Nickel & Nickel 2014 Stiling Vineyard Chardonnay - White Wine

White Wine by Nickel & Nickel from Russian River California. The 2014 Stiling Vineyard Chardonnay opens with aromas of pear oak and stone. On the palate flavors of Muscat Ripe Apple and kiwi emerge as underlying nuances of flint and stone build on the midpalate. There is a suppleness to the mouthfeel and vanilla from the oak lingers on the finish. This wine is delightfully balanced and opens up beautifully with a swirl of the glass ---

Honig 2017 Sauvignon Blanc - White Wine

White Wine by Honig from Napa Valley California. Bright crisp and fresh. The flavors and aromas are reminiscent of peaches Ripe Pear lime and grapefruit accented by floral and Tropical Fruit notes. Medium bodied with a lengthy finish. 96% Sauvignon Blanc 3% Semillon 1% Muscat

Jeff Runquist 2016 Muscat Canelli - White Wine

White Wine by Jeff Runquist from California. Runquist Muscat Canelli done in the Italian Moscato style with Low Alcohol beautiful fruit and a little bubbles. Enjoy with dessert or cheese at the end of your meal!

Patient Cottat 2016 Sancerre Anciennes Vignes - Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

White Wine by Patient Cottat from Loire France regions. Clear golden Green Reflections. Complex and intense. Prevailing aromas of acacia blossoms with a Muscat like notse of passionfruit ---

Chateau Simone 2013 Palette Blanc - White Wine

White Wine by Chateau Simone from Provence France regions. The white from Simone is a truly unique creation based primarily on Clairette that is supplemented with Grenache Blanc Bourboulenc Ugni Blanc and a touch of Muscat Blanc. The white brisk in its youth animated by a bouquet of pine resin evolves slowly into a sensual masterpiece with its Lingering Finish built on a mass of minerality. This is a remarkably age worthy wine with the potential to give ever more pleasure over a span two decades or more ---

Orin Swift Cellars 2015 Mannequin - Chardonnay White Wine

White Wine by Orin Swift Cellars from California. Bursting aromatics of honeydew honeysuckle and Ripe Peach are complemented by a hint of jasmine pineapple and cream. With lots of weight and viscosity the full bodied palate brims with ripe Stone Fruit wet stone and a touch of sweet Meyer lemon. The fleshy golden mid palate evolves into a pointed textured finish that closes with lots of minerality. Blend: Chardonnay 90 ---6% Sauvignon Blanc 5 ---8% Muscat 3 ---6%

Idlewild 2016 Bee Flora and Fauna White - White Wine

White Wine by Idlewild from North Coast California. The explosive aromatics of Muscat Canelli fill the glass but upon tasting the wine the balance of the early take of Arneis shows the structural bones. The wine is highlighted by honey wildflowers Wet Stones salty air jasmine and Orange Blossoms. The Mouth Feel is shaped like a narrow diamond: lean on the front just a touch of oiliness and richness through the mid and then racy and driving through the finish. Blend: 54% Muscat Canelli 42% Arneis and 5% Cortese ---