Verdejo White Wine

Garciarevalo 2013 Tres Olmos - White Wine

White Wine by Garciarevalo from Rueda Spain. Limes and Citrus Notes combine with a waxy component. The palate shows many complex elements such as marzipan and citrus derivatives. The finish is lengthy and round. Made from 100% Verdejo ---

Menade 2014 Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Menade from Rueda Spain. Straw yellow with Green Reflections clean and bright. Aromas of White Fruit intermingled with hints of herbaceous type notes of laurel fennel and aromatic plants of mount (such as thyme). On the palate dry balanced and tasty. Certain bitter touches typical of verdejo. Round with volume. Natural acidity holds a long and Elegant Finish ---

Jose Pariente 2015 Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Jose Pariente from Rueda Spain. In the visual phase the wine shows a brilliant Straw Yellow with Greenish Reflections. The aroma of great intensity is elegant fresh and complex. It has a markedly fruity tone that spans the range of White Fruits (pear peach) citrus and Passion Fruit. There are also hints of fennel and garrigue on a balsamic aniseed ground. In the mouth the notes of Fresh Fruit appear again. Unctuous sweet and elegant with a slight touch of bitterness in the finish characteristic of the Verdejo variety. It has a big structure that favours its persistence. This is an excellent wine for accompanying appetizers and Fish Dishes seafood pasta rice and White Meat. It goes well with Smoked Meats Soft Cheeses and serrano ham ---

Marques de Irun 2015 Blanco - White Wine

White Wine by Marques de Irun from Rueda Spain. Pale Straw Yellow with greenish tones. Intense aromas of Tropical Fruit (pineapple kiwi and mango) with fresh and Well Balanced acidity in the palate and a firm structure. Made from 100% Verdejo ---

Bodegas Mocen 2015 Verdejo Seleccion Especial - White Wine

White Wine by Bodegas Mocen from Rueda Spain. Medium intense Golden Yellow with occasional Green Hues. On the nose it is big with Intense Aromas of its Verdejo variety hay and ripened Tropical Fruit. In the mouth it is Fresh Fruity oily big consistent round and balanced. It is easy to drink ---

Bodegas Mocen 2015 Eco Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Bodegas Mocen from Rueda Spain. Eco Verdejo has refreshing minerality with hints of Citrus Fruit and apple. It provides a characteristic touch of acidity on the palate ---

Camina 2016 Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Camina from Spain. This Crisp Clean wine exemplifies what has made Verdejo a value powerhouse of the new unoaked style favored by millennials and Gen Xers. With aromas and flavors of Green Apple pear mango and a touch of honey this wine is Well Balanced with Refreshing Acidity making it an Ideal Aperitif or accompaniment for hors d'oeuvres salads vegetarian dishes and seafood ---

Torres 2015 Verdeo Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Torres from Rueda Spain. Pale gold with glints of green. Intense and fragrant it offers clean Floral Notes (lemon blossom) against an enticing Ripe Fruit backdrop (quince pear). The palate is silky and smooth displaying the fresh herbaceous expression (fennel) that is the hallmark of the best Verdejo wines. Characterised by its freshness by pronounced notes of Tropical Fruit and its elegance ---

Bodegas Nisia 2016 Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Bodegas Nisia from Rueda Spain. Nisia Verdejo is a bright Straw Color. Aromas of White Flowers and Fresh Fruit plus expressive fine notes of Dried Herbs. On the mouth this is a flavorful and fruity wine with Good Acidity and balance ---

Martinsancho 2016 Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Martinsancho from Rueda Spain. From free run juice the new wine is racked into large centuries old subterranean oak vessels prior to clarification and bottling. A highly extractive herbaceous and minerally complex Verdejo with excellent aging capacity and a perennial hallmark wine for the region ---

Marques de Riscal 2017 Blanco Rueda - White Wine

White Wine by Marques de Riscal from Rueda Spain. A bright Straw Yellow colored wine. On the nose this 100% Verdejo has high Aromatic Intensity with Tropical Fruit and hints of fennel and fresh grass. In the mouth it is both syrupy smooth and refreshing with a slightly bitter finish which is typical of the variety making it long and pleasant to drink. Overall it is a fresh Well Balanced wine ---

Garciarevalo 2017 Casamaro Verdejo - White Wine

White Wine by Garciarevalo from Rueda Spain. Lots of bright Lemon Peel and blossom on the nose. Great purity of fruit with notes of quince melon and apricot. On the palate it's Mineral Driven with a pleasant light bitter note on the finish that makes you want more. Blend: 85% Verdejo 15% Viura